Sunday, February 22, 2009

yanari/PFF(F)T! @ firehouse gallery, 2.21.09


katboy said...

Warning .. I tend to the verbose.

1st pic: the regularity of the rack of CDs dissolving into bottles and tables and the floor is quite nice. And very appropriate.

2nd pic: Love the fact that the bird on the painting and Bob with the sax are divergent.

3rd pic: Matt looks apprehensize. "What will they think?"

4th pic: For some reason, this looks very M.A.S.H. to me. Maybe the colors?

5th: Ken rocks. The Sheraton is a plus imho.

6th: The wizard and the apprentice. It is up to the reader to decide who is who.

7th: This is where I am when I am where I want to be.

8th: 14 strings? Really? damn. I can't manage 4.

9th: There's something about the "racks of CDs" motif in the window and the sea anemone artwork in the lowest right corner that works together.

10th: They are having fun. Which is .. I think ... the entire point of this enterprise.

11th: I like that even Elmo is in full support.

12th: Mark displays contentment, Bob displays concern. Conflict makes for genius.

13th: I like that my face is concentrated, and the face in the painting right next to me is happy.

14th: With the enormous range that technology gives us, ultimate it comes down to our hands, our hearts, our souls.

15th: Die! Die! nonbelievers! I built this myself, it is mine, and it is Good.

16th: "There may not be anything on amy of these records that fits ... and that makes it even better"

17th: Aftermath. A stack of wax. The ephemeral made permanent. Tonight will never accomplish.

Grubbermeister said...

Thanks for taking some pics. Great looking, as usual!